Typically, in the years of starting out you are likely to experience some significant life events, including buying a home or investment property, travel, starting a family, maximising your earning potential and managing debt.

What to expect from us

Some of the areas that we assist you with during this stage of life include:

Cash flow and budgeting 

  • Review current budget and highlight opportunities to save and invest.
  • Review cash flow anticipating things like maternity leave – will this impact ability to manage debt and meet expenses? Do you need to save additional funds prior to the birth? Do funds need to be put aside for child care? 
  • Review debts and borrowings. Consider re-financing, consolidating or repaying debts to ease cash flow. 
  • Consider tax structuring and income splitting.

Estate planning 

  • Review wills/powers of attorney/beneficiary arrangements to ensure they are up to date. 
  • Review shareholdings, trusteeships and directorships for adequate successor arrangements.

Insurance and protection 

  • Consider whether sufficient life cover exists. 
  • Consider trauma, TPD and income protection policies.
  • Ensure the most effective ownership structures and funding options are in place for insurances (super as an option?)


  • Review superannuation options, including SMSF.
  • Find lost superannuation and consolidate superannuation. 
  • Review asset allocation to ensure it adequately matches your risk profile.
  • Consider savings plan for future education requirements or other purposes. 


  • Investigate whether an application is necessary to receive Centrelink payments. 
  • Consider Family tax benefit eligibility.
  • Consider eligibility to receive the baby bonus.

Lifestyle issues 

  • Are you considering starting a family?

If so:

    • What are your plans to return to work? 
    • What is the education preference for children? 
    • What are your plans for the family home based on your intended family size? 
    • Who will be the primary caregiver?