At this stage of life, people tend to experience a wide range of issues, some of which may include: inheritance, redundancy, employee share options, divorce, caring for elderly parents, school fees, changing/up-grading home, re-location, starting a business, funding a child’s wedding, investment or lifestyle property. 

What to expect from us

Some of the areas that we assist you with during this stage of life include:

Superannuation/retirement funding 

• Review retirement income requirements. 

• Revisit existing superannuation contributions and consider contributions where applicable to achieve future retirement goals. 

• Review beneficiary nominations. 

• Consider if part of a termination payment can be rolled into super, where applicable. 

Cash flow/budgeting 

• Review any applicable termination payments. 

• Consider working with an accountant to determine taxation implications of termination payment (where appropriate). 

• Review current budget and highlight areas of savings. Determine if sufficient surplus exists and what flexibility this provides. 

• Review debts and borrowings. Consider consolidating or repaying debts to ease cash flow. 

• Review Centrelink entitlements and investigate eligibility. 

• Review adequacy of existing savings and emergency funding. Review asset allocation to ensure it adequately matches your risk profile. 

• Consider transition to retirement if you are nearing or over age 55. 

• Consider salary packaging. 

Insurance and protection 

• Does sufficient life cover exist? 

• Should Trauma, TPD and income protection policies be considered /reviewed? 

• Are there continuation options in place for existing insurances?

• If you are looking to start a new business, what is the business structure? Will you have to organise business insurances to control business risk? 

• Ensure you are utilising the best strategies and methods to fund existing insurance premiums.

Estate planning 

• Review wills/Power of attorneys/beneficiary arrangements to ensure up to date. 

• Review shareholdings and directorships for adequate successor arrangements.